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Welcome to Mnemonics, Inc.

A dynamic and innovative high-technology corporation based in Melbourne, Florida.

Mnemonics, Inc. has been a reliable designer and supplier of high-technology products in the Aerospace, Defense and Industrial markets for over 40 years. Our company is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions and services that surpass customers’ expectations. Mnemonics, Inc. strives for continual “best in class” technical excellence and quality.

In the dynamic world of technology and customer demands, organizations often struggle to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the unique requirements of their diverse customer base. Lack of specialization and fragmented services can hinder efficiency and hinder the delivery of optimal results. Mnemonics, Inc. is dedicated to providing a cohesive team dynamic when providing our customers with rapid product design, prototype services and full turnkey electronics manufacturing services.

  • Tailored solutions
  • Custom engineering
  • Quality you can trust

At Mnemonics, we are committed to providing our clients with highly experienced corporate leadership.

Our entire executive team has extensive experience in a variety of industries including electrical and systems engineering, quality assurance, defense manufacturing, management, software engineering and more. With decades of combined experience in both the public and private sectors, our leadership is able to provide you with the correct technical solutions coupled with the best operational and financial expertise. At Mnemonics, your success is our goal – we ensure that you always receive top-notch solutions to any challenge you face. 

It’s not just about buying software and hardware or hiring the right staff. Corporate leadership provides the right technical solutions, but also ensures the success and stability of your organization. At Mnemonics, our team can handle any challenge, big or small. We understand what it takes to lead and guide an organization to success.

Leadership Structure at Mnemonics, Inc.

Mnemonics boasts a team of top executives from across the Defense and Aerospace Industry with extensive experience in managing large and small corporations. The leadership structure at Mnemonics, Inc. is comprised a CEO, a CTO, and a COO at the corporate level with Vice Presidents leading each of the three divisions, and Director and Managers for all of the Support organizations. The responsibilities of this leadership team include:

  • Setting company goals and objectives.
  • Managing daily operations.
  • Ensuring that the company’s standards exceed expectations.
  • Supporting the local community standards for ethics and proper business practices.

Corporate Quality Vision

Mnemonics is committed to providing a safe and reliable product that meets or exceeds all customer expectations. We strive to continually improve our systems, processes, and products while remaining price competitive and delivering on time.

Our top priority at Mnemonics is to provide safe and dependable prototype development that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We’re constantly working to improve our systems, processes, and prototype development, keeping them at the forefront of quality and innovation. We’re also committed to maintaining competitive pricing while ensuring timely and efficient delivery. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we’re always working hard to provide exceptional value and service.

Mission Statement

To be a nationally known supplier of superb electronics products and services for our commercial and government customers.

History & Milestones

Mnemonics, Inc. has been a reliable supplier of high-technology product design prototypes in the Aerospace and Defense and Industrial markets for 40 years. Our company is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions and services that surpass customers’ expectations. Mnemonics, Inc. continually strives for technical excellence and quality.

  • Founded on November 1, 1979
  • U.S. owned and privately held
  • Certified Small Business
  • ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Registered
  • DCMA Approved
  • Diversified defense and commercial competencies
  • FDA Registered
  • Multiple Boeing Performance Excellence Awards for 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Northrop Grumman Platinum Supplier

Corporate Locations

Mnemonics, Inc.

From Melbourne International Airport

From Orlando International Airport